José Enrique Álvarez Rodríguez

Maestro de Inglés
  • Graduated in Foreign Language Teaching (English), University of Granada (2002-2005).
  • Teacher of English (EFL) in Primary Education since 2007.
  • Component of several programs on educational innovation (Erasmus+, international exchange of university students…)
  • Coordinator of school teachers’ training («formación en centros») and other school plans and programs related to integrated didactic units and creation of schemes of work.
  • Lecturer and author of several papers in different international courses, conferences and congresses.
  • Teacher trainer for the Competitive Examinations on FLT (English) for Primary Education since 2010, always with very high marks and positions achieved.
  • Team member of the Granada Teachers’ Centre (CEP) in the training group on «Key Competences» (Planning and working with LOMCE, designing Integrated Didactic Units, tasks, cooperative work and evaluation).
  • Collaborator of the Motril Teachers’ Centre (CEP) for teachers’ trainning and probationary officials.